Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Game Changer.

Thank Gods for beer.
I read this on a sign at the bar at whichI was drinking some beers.
And if I remember corectly, Albert Einstein was the man who said this.
Either him or Benjamin Franklin.
Who cares?
Not me.

You are raised to think that this life that you live is the most important thing in the world, and it isn't.
I'm sorry, but you can not believe in the embiggening of man and still believe in the individuality of man.
I just don't see how this is possible.
Case in point; I am at a Sandbox in the west village....

The scene is a bunch of kids playing in the sand, and there are a lot of parents on the edge of the box of sand.
The children are just being children when one of the "dads" starts to lecture a child about the importance of sharing.
Did I mention this takes place on Columbus Day?
I was so angered by this.
I mean, here is this guy making himself feel so important, believing he is helping this child learn about the importance of sharing on an island, a WHOLE CITY founded on the exact opposite of sharing...
On a day commemorating a man who stands for the beginning of the end for the indigenous people of this continent.
Not to mention this man and his child were impeccably dressed in very nice clothes...

Fuck this guy, and his kid.
Just be honest with your kid.
Tell them how you made the comfortable life that they will grow to not appreciate.
You didn't buy your apartment in the West Village by sharing.
You didn't make your millions working in a non profit...

My friend says that Bloomberg is creating an economic apartheid.
I have to say it certainly seems like it is.

And who cares!?
When you see a sandbox mostly filled with children being raised to feel entitled to carry the diseased torch...
How else would you describe this situation?

Well, I realized, after three beers, that I am not going to play this game.
And I owe it to the burger to raise him to see through this as exactly what it is, a game.

It doesn't matter, you can play the game, you can be a hedge fund billionaire and you aren't going to buy a cure for cancer.
And let's suppose that this cure exists, and you buy it...
That doesn't stop you from getting hit by a bus, or an aneurism dropping you dead in line at Whole Foods...

What I am getting at is that there are numerous industries built to distract you from the inevitable end, and if you get caught up in the BS, you will sacrifice the truly beautiful things about life.

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  1. Anonymous3:50 PM

    The dad should talk to his kid about sharing. Even if he has millions that he made working a job other than in a non-profit. Maybe it will rub off on his kid and his kid will grow up to be kind and polite, something that is severely lacking these days. I will take a polite, courteous wealthy person who knows how to say please and thank you and look people in the eye over a poor, non-profit working asshole any day. I know too many "working class" dicks than I care to count who preach things like sharing and generosity but do not live these things themselves. It sickens me. Maybe the sharing talk is a start to these other things that the kid can take with him as he grows up. Just a thought.


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