Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wife Weights.

I am waiting for The Burger to wake up from a nap that I just talked him back into about 20 minutes ago.
Damn! I should have just grabbed him then.
I think we will take the train to the city for some hard earned bananas and also one of those bottle openers that you screw onto the wall so you can open your bottled beverages much easier, and with flare.

Dang, T is messed up! She is just lying there, like a lump.
I told her though that it is a good thing that she is so healthy to begin with because that will probably work in her favor as far as healing goes. But still, it is not easy to be recovering.
I should know.
I did it before.

This is the first time since The Boy was born that I have had the responsible of taking care of my Huz.
I just want her to be comfortable.
She is going to miss her study dates, and this worries her, but it is much more imperative that she heal right the first time now than to drag it out over weeks or months.
So to ensure that she doesn't try to sneak out while I am in the city, I laid an extra blanket on top of her to weigh her down.
It is a blessing that she is so weak right now, other wise I don't know what I would have done.

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