Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Get Back On The Horse.

Life Advice I would impart to someone that asked for it would be this:
Do not stop doing what you enjoy doing.
Even when you doubt yourself, especially when you doubt yourself.
Give yourself a break once in a while, but make sure you kick your ass into gear when that break is over.
I have been very lucky to have so far been met with mostly positive feedback with my interests.
So maybe it is easier that way.
Only recently did I have someone finally call me out on some of my perceived skills, and it was not as bad as it could have been.
The reason for this is because I had plenty of positive feedback to fall back on and allow me to say "well, it's not for everyone I guess."
So I would impart that little bit of wisdom also.
What you do is not going to be for everyone.
And if you find even a couple of people that like what you are doing, then consider that a huge success.
Build off of that success.
Keep going.
Stop taking a break and get back on the horse.
It is so easy to let fear cripple your efforts.
And it only hurts you.

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