Saturday, January 15, 2011


You have to be patient.
You want things to go at the speed in which you want them to happen but let me ask you this: What makes you so special?
I don't know if it is just the customizable culture that we live in that teaches us to want what we want how we want it and when, or maybe it is just our internal clocks kicking in telling us that we have to move quickly before our chance disappears and we are old, alone and dying without having accomplished anything "significant".
Whatever it is that fuels impatience, it has to be ignored.
If it's not, then you start to skip steps, you get sloppy and your work suffers.
Then, someone else passes you in the line and you get mad and distracted by rage.

I think that it is hard enough to focus on your project.
So many distractions now, and people succeeding at an ever faster rate all around you certainly doesn't help.
You have to just keep your head down, and focus on your ideas and soldier on...

A note about those people that move ahead of you, no one is saying that they followed the rules either, maybe they get ahead, but they skipped crucial steps early on. Now they are successful, but their product is crap and falling apart constantly and they have the stress of having to fix it with lots of eyes on them. If you work slowly and patiently, you will pass these people along the side of the road and you'll be glad to not be them.

There is no guarantee that any of this works.
But it is the mindset that I have chosen to apply to my own personal artistic goals.
It has to be as good as anything else out there.

This is what I tell myself CONSTANTLY in my head.
This is also what I tell T, whenever she asks.

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