Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Creak.

You know Joan Mitchell? She sure could paint.
I saw this one at the MIlwaukee Art Museum which I had visited the last time I was in Wisconsin. It was a fun time, when I had lived there I never thought much about what sorts of stuff was in that museum.
I only had a golfball sized awareness of the painter's world.
Since then I have developed quite an appreciation for this painter.
So I took a picture.

So yesterday, despite it's little hiccup in the middle, was not all bad.
In fact I went on to make some delicious pizzas and everybody ate them all up.
I started some new paintings myself and then I watched a TV show with T.

Today I got up early and read an article about Syria.
Oh GEEEEZUS, that shit sounds grim as F.

Then I went to the grocery store and got some supplies.
Now I am waiting for the clock to tell me to go pick the BUrger up from his special school.
They do yoga there, and they draw pictures.
There's some birds and fish.
It sounds like heaven on Earf.

The door just slowly creaked open.
I know it is just the wind doing that, but I always expect there to be someone there.
Just like in a scary movie.

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