Monday, February 27, 2012

Lookee That.

Look at that left handed spiral launching off of T Dubs arm!!
Holy shit that thing has velocity, I say "has velocity" because I am still feeling that all over my hands!! Ouch!

We went to the park today because Burger needed to sit in some dirt and Dad needed to throw the ball around since I wouldn't be able to make my usual stop to toss with Brad on account of how T has a new comedy show tonight that sounded promising until the bar tender mentioned something about a basketball game that might draw more people in than the actual comedy show, but I told T "who gives a shit? once they inside they yours!"
Honestly though I am really proud of her because despite what she may or may not tell you, she has accomplished a lot where her interests are concerned. It only seems like less accomplished because she has so many interests.

I sure hope she closes her set with one of these high velocity darts to the back of the bar, that'll bring down the house.

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