Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Sharks Patrol These Waters.

Seen above being as still as possible...

I am not sleeping well, I mean, I am sleeping, I am just not doing it well.
Probably better than you, but not as well as her.
I think that I have a tooth problem, but that is not anything I want to think about.

Burger turns four and the world still turns.
When I look at the photos from this time last year my hair was longer and more employed than it currently is. I was moving stones and I was taking names.
Things were great.
Great-ish, that is a word I invented.
That's another one.

There was a morning that popped into my head in which T and I got up early and drank coffee while it was still dark outside and listened to a song by Morphine on the radio.
It was just one of those happy accidents that you probably get to revisit in the flash before your life ends.

I been meaning to tell you so many things lately but then I get blocked up mentally.
I don't want to sound like a bummer, or whatever the kids are calling bummers nowadays.

I lay kind of sleeping, kind of waking for what feels like hours, and then I crash into a deep, intense dream filled vortex and wake up feeling like I should have been painting all night.
I got a lot on my mind I guess.

Remember the mental stove?
That shit is popping as of late.

love you guys.

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