Friday, February 24, 2012

When Will It End?

I was talking with this guy today about the Sun exploding.
He told me we got like, 5 million more years to go before that shit hits the fan.
It was second hand information though so I don't know how accurate any of that information is.
I mean first you have to believe in the Sun as a real thing, but I'm not here to talk conspiracies.

I was talking to this other guy, this was yesterday, and he was saying how things used to be exciting, but not anymore. Ignorance is bliss, that's what they say anyways.
Was a time when I was little and I didn't give a shit about the environmental impact of my video game system, or the cheap labor that went into making it.
But all that is different now and we are supposed to be concerned about these things.
Which is fine and good and important for the future.

The future is weird because people will have you plan and save for it, but most people don't do the real things necessary to ensure that there actually is a future.
This is bad for most of us, if not all of us.
Retirement or not.

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