Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Thing Of Beauty.

I am staring down a wave.
A slow moving wave that I am not sure if it is really a deep wave or a small wave or what.
The thing is that this wave feels like it has been following me for a while, years in fact.

Possible names for the wave:
-The wave of someone else's neglected responsibility.
-The wave of change.
-The wave of the unknown.

All of these are accurate I think, in their own ways.
I like to think though the wave is a bringer of harmless chaos.
Like for instance I am going to have to move I believe.
Not out of the city, but within, but this will probably mean I will have to give up my studio situation which in turn means I will have to store/sell/leave a lot of stuff behind in this move. This makes me sad, but only temporarily because I believe that I used my time here to the maximum and I have a lot of work to show for it and so now it is time to make that work work for me. That's the idea anyway.
Still, I have moved before, plenty of times.
And a fresh start is always welcome.
But statistically I might as well be in mourning or getting divorced as far as my stress level is concerned.

So that really puts it all into perspective because right now I love everything about my life.
I have to.

I am closing in on having had a very amazing year.

Do you like that picture?
My friend Garth drew that.
He, like my friend Aaron had the very enviable ability to draw over existing images to make them much better. This is truly a gift.
Garth also painted my Black Metal Caveman.
Google it.

love you guys.

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