Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Run Away.

My family and I will be returning to Wisconsin this summer for a little while.
It is like being in the eye of the perfect storm.
The hectic city life and the pressure of school and family life will be reduced to mainly just the family life part which is alright by me.

I love Wisconsin, it is what made me who I was before I moved away.

I am mainly a Lakeshore type of person though, I didn't spend a lot of time inland.
That Lake has a hold on my soul.

I would rather see humankind wither and die away before I watch humankind destroy that Lake.
I was thinking in the tub this evening that we seem to be the only species on the planet that is actively trying to destroy it. Everything else seems like it is just trying to survive our presence.

Anyways I always lived within 10 miles of that lake.
It was a gift, and this summer I get to let Burger take it all in, up and down the lake all over.
I can't wait.
None of us can.
We have all earned a little time away.

You must treat yourself whenever and however possible.

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