Monday, October 15, 2012

Beer o'clock

My friends say that, Beer o'clock.
I love it, it is funny and inviting and also rewarding.
Like, F yes! Beer o'clock!!
Which could technically be anytime really.
That is the beauty of it.

Not so many beers lately, there isn't as much to celebrate with a frosty cold one.
The weather kind of has an important role in that, but so does current events.
I suppose it's a good thing, and it'll make the next Beer o'clock truly wonderful.

My other friend says that it takes half as long as you were in it to get over it.
Unfortunately she is very wise, she wears glasses, so I have to believe her.
I was like "What?! That seems impossible!"
Nope. Tis the truth.
I googled it.

I also googled this guy:


What a visionary! It is so beautiful and simple.
I like it when someone changes it up like this.
A different approach.
A different angle.

It takes a truly brave and confident spirit to forge their own path.
It takes a true coward to retreat to the beginning.


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