Friday, October 12, 2012

Butted Up Against.

Sometimes you walk down the street and everything seems so familiar that you want to scream.
You just look around and think "How can everything be the same when I am so different?"
When life keeps on moving without your knowing it, that can be a semi harsh reality to face.
Because what does that say about all of your accomplishments? All of your forward progress?
To me it says that you are not special. The world doesn't stop and start upon your whim, keep moving.
But oh how we want things to seem special, to carry more meaning than just the moment in time that made your memory special in the first place.

You know, you can't go back though.
No matter what, this is where you is, and where you will remain.
Until time or fate, or some other cosmic force comes along to push you in a different direction.

Sometimes people want something to change so drastically that it requires an almost violent change to take place so that all parties can agree "Well, I guess that was supposed to happen".
But patience is key.
And you don't want to jump the gun on some of these things.
Maybe you need a push, a sign, something to spur you into action.
But the thing is that there is an equal and opposite reaction type thing at play here.
It doesn't have to be violent change.
It can be peaceful change, if you are willing to be patient and aware.

The trick is to be patient.
That is what I believe anyway.
Gandhi had it right.

And maybe it is too late to apply this to a current situation, but moving forward, there is always another chance to do things differently.

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