Friday, October 12, 2012

When That Is Done.

I have what appear to be, a lot of mountains around me.
What I am saying is that I feel very much like I am in a valley of some sort.
Surrounded by mountains, and I am supposed to climb up each mountain.
That's a lot of up and down, it's good for the legs and all that.
But so exhausting just to even look at, that it makes me kind of just want to take a nap instead.
A nap?! Not on my watch.
Not anymore.
Anyways, so I been trying to climb these mountains and it is disheartening because it seems like with each little step I take, there is suddenly a setback, like I forgot somethings at base camp and now down I go, back to the beginning only to start all over again.
Only not really because now that I know the way back to where I was, somehow it has become a little easier.
Plus, what I have been realizing is that once I am up on the mountain, or down in the shit, nothing really looks that hard to tackle, or organize.
Things seem easier than they did when I was busy wasting time wishing for a nap.
Know what I mean?

I know you know what I am talking about since this is the main point I feel like I am trying to make whenever I open my mouth lately.

So all these mountains right?
Well, it's strength conditioning.
It toughens the spirit and gets you ready for the real shit to start.
Whatever that might be.

I don't mean to bore y'all, but you know, when I got something that I am chewing on mentally, it sort of is all I can think about.
But I learned a trick to be more present minded.
And it works.
Maybe sometime I will teach it to you.
But not now.
Just google it and find your own trick, not to sound like a jerk, but they are all so different, it is kind of like you gotta find the ones that work for you.
The individual.

I do suggest finding a nice bench in a park where there are leaves blowing around and lots of air traffic.
It doesn't seem quiet and calm, but it is.
It's a start anyways.



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