Sunday, October 28, 2012

Unwritten Book Titles.

How to Reorganize, Refocus and Rebuild.
This is the title of a very helpful sounding book I have not written, but would like to read.
Maybe. I mean, I'll skim through it to see if any of it jibes.

One thing I can say about everything getting broken down so thoroughly is that it lets you reevaluate all the bits and pieces as you are sweeping them up and putting them in like sized piles,
which you should be doing because you are a responsible citizen.

Things that you forgot about, or had overlooked are suddenly front and center.
Pick and choose the things you want to carry with you, moving forward.

The You You Were Can Be The You You Are!!
That is another book I have not written.
Unlike the other book, this one I have no interest in reading.
Because the me I was was fine and all, but that was then and it leaves no room 
for the me I can become!

The Me I Need To Be.

Now THAT is a book that should be at the printer as we speak!

Anyways, there is something to be said about picking through the pieces.
You carry around the same things for so long, as soon as you drop them, 
you get a chance to see them in a new light and often you realize that many 
of these things were irrelevant or obsolete and you were holding on to ideas
of how you would like things to be, but in a scattered mess on the floor, you see
that you were wrong about a lot of it for a long time.

It's nothing personal, I mean, I feel 
foolish in many ways when this happens.
But how was I supposed to know?! 
I wasn't fully examining the situation.
And if I was, I wasn't doing it properly.

I was just glossing over a lot of details.
My mistake.

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