Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Rope. The Cord.

As per usual, I am still doing pretty awesome considering the world falling down around me as I speak.
That line of cars is still outside, and it looks like some people just gave up and left.
Either that, or they were rapturized and took their clothes with them.
Which seems like cheating to me, or pure laziness.
But I don't know anything about that stuff, so never you mind.
All I can do right now is to ramp it up.
Ramp it all up.

Like today for example, I went to the roof and lowered an anchored rope down to my window, 
I then tied the end of that rope to an extension cord which I used to plug in my random orbital sander
in order to sand a piece of plywood that has been bugging me for about a couple of months now.
Don't you get it!? Don't you see?
I am a highly functioning animal over here!!
Like one of those seals that honks a horn, or a lion that mauls it's trainer.

Things are always looking up.
Except for dogs, they can't look up.

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