Saturday, November 03, 2012

Early Morning Guardians.

I waited in the car for about an hour.
Just reading and chatting.
Ahead of me there was a long line of cars because everyone is in need of gas.
Gas for their cars and stuff.
There is no heat in the building, because of there being no gas.
No fuel for the fuel trucks.
I can't complain about the heat loss though.
There was no life loss.
Which is what everyone always says.
Driving home after, I talked with my Mom.
Now it is real. Now this is how it is.
But only really for now.
Things were very quiet last night.
The cold makes everything sharp and bright.

After a fitful night I woke up and looked out the window at the line of cars coming off the bridge.
I don't know what to do. 
I am frozen by thoughts and also frozen by the temperature.
I want to conserve the gas in the car.
I want to use the gas in the car to drive somewhere else.
I want to stay in bed all day and stare at the ceiling.
I settle instead on getting up, making eggs and toast with tea to drink.
It is a beautiful day outside, I am going to ask around the building to see if anyone needs anything.
Besides heat I mean.
Also I have to get some apples up in here.
I am suffering from apple deficiency.
Withering away...

Smell you later.

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