Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What Happened Today Was...

A day can start out cool and warm all at once.
The sun is out, there are song birds and the air feels like cold silk.
You can gulp some hot coffee and be off into the day.


You can look out the window at all the traffic and pretend like 
you are friends with everyone else on the road.

In a way this is true.
You are all out, together.
Sharing space.

On the surface I am paying attention.
Behind my eyes I am somewhere else.

I am sitting on the floor with my son, watching his tiny fingers make Lego Magic.
Once he was born he became the lens that I view my life through.
Maybe this is a dangerous game, but it's too late for me to stop now.

Here we are playing with toys.
There we are chasing each other across the park.
That is us, holding hands and eating ice cream cones.

Looking further through this lens one can see a whole life unfold.
Therein lies the danger... I guess.

You get lost in the monotony of every day, and you forget that this is all there is.

Only now, this dish I am washing.
Only... now, these teeth I am brushing.
Right now, this book I read.

If I look far enough into this lens:
 I see Burger looking back at me.
He is strong, he is big.
His smile is a million suns.

His arm is a cannon and his spiral is perfect.

He sees me now, lost in my monotony and
 he knows I am doing everything I can.

He gallops towards me and he scoops me up.
 He carries me home and puts me to bed.
And that's all it takes.

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