Monday, July 29, 2013

Starting Over.

I have been asking Google for answers lately.
Or at least, asking for direction.
Might as well.

It is so pretty here right now.
After the heat melted away all hope for the future
the clouds set in and cooled everything off.
Now it is just a beautiful breeze
and a knockout sunset.

You know how sometimes you are digging through the bucket of Lego, looking for that one tiny piece to complete your model and you are raking through the bricks over and over, again and again and then just as you are about to take the whole thing and smash it to pieces you
find that it has been right there in front of you, connected to the model you are trying to build?

Isn't that just like life?
I mean, really.

A thing about life is that it is special and fleeting.
And depending on where you stand and look at it, it's either something 
you want to let pass through you and experience or it is something that you want
to gather up in your greedy fists and keep, unchanged, forever.

There is something to be said for either way.
Not to mention all the other ways to look at it.


My friends passed through on their way from Long Island back to Michigan.
They gave me an A+ and left me with two special beers.
So that was nice.

I love those guys.
I love you.

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