Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Never Ending Make Believe.

Which Lego guy are you? Because I am the Green Ninja.
You should be the Red Ninja, okay?
Say "Come on Green Ninja! The evil snakes are coming!!"

(Canon noises)

Whoah! What was that?! 
Do you know what that was? That was Blob in that green car!
Which Avenger guy are you now?
Can I be Hawkeye? 
Can I be Hawkeye please?
I'm Hawkeye, okay? Okay?
Okay, I'm Hawkeye, which Avenger guy are you?
You can be Hulk.
I mean I'm Batman instead, okay?
Let's play Justice League instead, okay?
I'm Batman so which Justice League Super Hero are you?
You can be Green Lantern, okay?

Whoah! What was that?! Did you hear that?
It sounded like the Joker!

-End scene.

Getting ready for school in the morning.
Heading to the grocery store.
Waiting in life's various lines.
This is basically every single waking moment of our time together.

Most of the time I am into it. I mean, I try to be into it as much as possible.
But holy F'ing S it is exhausting sometimes.
Like, I don't always want to be a superhero on a mission.
Most of the time?
Sure, why not?
I got nothing better to do.
But like, first thing in the morning? 
I can't always do it.
Sorry, no offense.

So when he presses me for an answer
I say "I'm the breakfast cook at the Hall of Justice" 
and then he eyes me suspiciously as he stuffs cereal in his mouth.

Not too shabby for 6 in the morning.

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