Wednesday, October 30, 2013

12 Steps.

I'm writing to tell you something
... From the bathtub!
Or, A bathtub. 

I should be running and jumping and throwing, all things like that. 
Physical things. 
But instead I'm just soaking

Soaking in the bathtub. 

Because that's all I can handle right now.

So what had happened was that this morning 
we are getting ready as per the norm and
 I am asking Burger to do all of these things to help get ready
 and, as per usual Burger is doing none of the things I'm asking. 
So mainly I am just talking to myself. 
Talking myself through the actions as I ask Burger to do them. 

Okay then we are ready. 

He asks to wear my sunglasses to pretend to be Cyclops. 
Okay says I. 

Then we are locking the door. 
Then Burger is not paying attention to the steps in front of him. 

Then Burger is falling down the steps. 
By my count it was at least 12. 
But in that moment I only saw his 
little eyes connect with mine as he tumbled. 

I was completely helpless. 
I just watched him tumble. 
Just like a young Chevy Chase. 

Surprise in our eyes
Turned to fear, panic and pain
In under 5 seconds. 

Now it is the sound of wailing. 
But it's tinged w fear more than pain. 
My ears tell me this. 

Are you okay!?
Shhhhh, it's okay... Are you hurt?!
Can you move your arms and legs?!

Of course he could. 
He was standing there, smearing his tears all around his cheeks. 
"My Butts on fire" he says.

I'm trying not to puke. 
I'm actually holding it in. 
The last thing this boy needs is to have his dad barf on his boots. 

So now I'm soaking. 
And I'm trying to get rid of the edge I've carried around all day. 
I'm hoping for an edgeless evening.

It's still too early to tell if I'm going to  barf though.

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