Saturday, September 13, 2008

Well would you look at that?

Well we seemed to have a good thing going with the sleeping baby.
But then SOME PEOPLE decided that sleeping all night through was fun anymore...
Like a team formed all of a sudden.
The one guy wakes me up by screaming and then the other guy keeps me up by telling me
that the first guy is screaming.

It is a brilliant strategy.

Speaking of those, how sad is it that Sarah Palin is in the news?
She makes me very sad.

The whole presidential race is making me sad.
I feel so teased.
It is like showing me the really good OTHER present I COULD have had
and then giving me some shitty "new" present.

Gee, thanks... Dickhead.

The thing about Sarah Palin is that she is such a shitty present.
She sounds like a shitty person, and her nomination seems like the most shitty and desperate
move that the people in charge could have made.

And the fact that we have lived with such a lousy guy in charge for the past eight years,
our standards are so low that people are actually going to take this woman seriously,
it just seems pathetic.

And it makes me sad.

So what can I do?
I can vote.
But after I do that, I am washing my hands of the whole system and going to
live in the remaining 4% or our natural wilderness...


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