Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Slow Deflation.

There are a lot of parallels between having a child and having a dog.
For example sometimes I just got to take this guy out for a run.
Like the other day I took him for a run and he ran 0.9 miles!
I swear! I just looked it up on the map!
He just ran and ran.
When he saw that I was not running with him he would scream at me to RUN!
Come on! He would yell.
All the way to the grocery store, which was convenient.

Actually there are many things that new people and animals have in common.
It is my main joy and wonder to have one to teach me just how far removed I am from the animal kingdom.
It is supposed to be my job to teach him to be less like a wild thing and more civilized like me but I often realize that it is HE that is teaching ME!

I have discovered that if I try to see things the way that The Boy sees them, it is like I am getting a chance to see it all over again, as if I have sent my eyeballs and brain in a time machine back and forth!
And what I realized is that there are many things that are easily dealt with when handle them as if it were the first time all over again.

The roles are reversed is what I am trying to tell you here.
It all came together at a perfect time for me.
I was loving most of my new responsibles of family and work, but at the same time I was seeing how quickly and easily one could get sick of running in that circle.
That circle of life.

Work your way to the middle, and then work your way down from there.
Try and find a happy medium!
Eventually I think you end up somewhere completely off the radar and from there you are pretty much set.
Welcome to freedom!!

If all goes to plan, then that is where The Boy, T-Dubs and I will be in about three years.
In a raft heading down river, getting in adventures and cracking each other up.

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