Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Look to the Skies!

Wow! Would you look at that crane.
I wonder how they get up there, into that crane I mean.
Probably you climb the ladders 
and then you get to work.

I am listening to a person play the xylophone on the radio.
They are really going to town on that thing.
My goodness!

Today was windy, and at first cold, then warm.
There was a train ride, a retail store, and a park.

You know that raft I had talked about?
That shit went over some falls and was torn asunder.
No one is ever really in control of the raft.
That is what I learned.

I wonder if that crane operator's mind ever wanders?
I mean, it shouldn't, not too much anyways.
But when it does, in between lifting and placing, I wonder what they think about?

Their view?
Their family?
Their dreams?
Their regrets?

Do they look down at the Father and Son looking up at them?
Or do they just look out over the island for an escape?

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