Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One thing I know for sure.

Triple threat.

Edison Bulbs.


A few years out and this will all seem so distant and weird. 
Know what I'm saying?
Yeah you do.

Perhaps a sound, or smell will bring you back to the moments that really stuck out.
But the things that stick out generally get rounded over with time anyways.
Sounds, smells and the like just become one far gone memory.

You probably won't even know why you are thinking the thoughts you think, in the future I mean.
You'll lose your focus for a second, and probably fuck it up whatever you are currently doing.
Just hope you aren't operating any heavy machinery.

Each day becomes hazier and blurrier as they fall away.
The next thing you know you are at some kitchen table looking at a lasagna, lovingly baked.
A couple of tears form in the corners of your eyes, and you think "how weird".

And then, just like that, you are in a chair maybe looking out a window.
Watching a Father and Son run past your window on their way to the park.
Trying their best to appreciate every single fucking second.

I love you guys.

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