Wednesday, October 10, 2012

There and Back.

Today as I was driving home with Burger in tow, I happened to glance over at a store that we had stopped in a while back, right around when he was born actually, to buy a few plants.
You know, to spruce up the old homestead.
Those plants, they sure didn't last.
Or at least, if they did, they aren't around to water anymore.
So if you happen to have those plants, tell them I said what's up.

I am getting used to this idea of before and after.
Perhaps I won't actually ever get used to it, but I am coming to accept that the idea exists.

It's funny though because if I had been able to see my life now compared to my life then, I probably would still make all the same decisions, because it isn't up to me to do anything differently.
But that doesn't mean I can't, haven't or won't change.
It just means that I am okay with where I am at, because that's the only place you can be.

Where I am at is hard right now.
To be honest with you bro, it is not ideal.
I am sweating it up like a real pro trying to catch the pieces as they fall.
I am like a holy combination of Gregg Jennings, Donald Driver and Jerry Rice all mashed up into one super receiver that's catching everything but some breaks.
But I am not complaining, I am just telling it like it is.
Shit's exhausting though.
That's why those dudes are always so sweaty I guess.

Before I could afford to drop a few because nothing was on the line.
Well, after is still too soon to tell, but I am doing what I can with the hands I was born with.
Which is all any of us could hope for.

Y'all heard of Life 2.0?
Welcome to Life 2.5.

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