Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Blues.

There's something about those songs, they depress me.

When I was little I took a trip to the reservation and I got to watch that movie the Jerk, you know that one? It was the only movie they had at the place I was staying, so naturally I committed it to memory.
I have no regrets. 
I even bought that movie on the days after Burger was born because you can't start them early enough as far as comic genius is concerned.
I read that in a parenting book.
One directed at New Dads.
New Dad's that get it, if you know what I mean.
Anyways, there is some Blues on the Radio right now.
It is pretty good stuff, I mean, I am no expert, but I like what I like.

I have an idea, I have a lot of ideas.
I am what is called an "ideas man".
So I got a few of those kicking around in my brain.
Just, you know, gaining steam.

I got a head full of steam.
Steamy Head, it's a medical term that you can Google if you have a minute.
But not at work because it's probably NSFW.
At least, it sounds like it might be NSFW.

You guys got any friends?
What do you do when you think you lost one?
How do you deal with that loss I mean?
Well, let me know, and also since you're bragging about 
all these friends you got, why don't you tell them about
how hilarious I can be once in a while?


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  1. You are brilliant.

    It wasn't my birthday but thanks anyway. Same to you though.

    head up.


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