Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Fastest Goose In The World.

What is there to say about being a Dad?
Wait! I mean a "Present Father".

That is a term I heard recently.
It made me happy and sad at the same time.
Like watching a clown get hit by a car and then they get up because they're alright.
Like that kind of feeling.

It made me happy, because that is apparently what kind of Dad I am.
According to the Person at the park with whom I was attempting to not speak with.
I'm just like, whatever, I do what I do how I do for the good of the Burger.
I'd had 30 years to imagine what kind of Dad I wanted to be.
It's called a head start.

And that dude is me now.

Anyways, back to that term, it made me sad because I feel like it makes Dad's before "us" sound like they didn't give a shit about having kids or something, and I can't accept that as truth.
Like there were enough Bad Dads going around making a bad name for the rest of the Dads that all of a sudden when there are Dads that appear to enjoy being Dads, that is something to notice!?

There are so many factors that go into making a generation what that generation is.
And with each generation, there are obviously new ways of thinking about or handling those factors.
So we do things differently than those before us, and those ahead of us.
That's life, Bro.

This term also makes me kind of cringe because it just puts this identifying time stamp on an aspect of my life that I didn't ask for nor was I consulted about. 
But I suppose that stuff is out of my control anyways.
Better to just focus on the task at hand.
Like being a parent, which is what I am.
Above everything else in my life, that is my main identifier. 
It feels like, for now, it has to be.
So that is how that is.

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