Monday, February 18, 2013

Step Into My Office.

This morning I had to take Burger with me to work.
It was Presidents day, so I kind of had the day off.

Kind of.

But I had to go in for some meetings and such.
And so we hopped on the bike and took off for the meetings.
It was so strange because I had this weird dejavu from the stand point of Burger.
I remember being him, slightly older, surrounded by the adults that my Mom
worked with when I would accompany her in similar situations
of not having any choice but to bring her son to work with her.

It all came crashing back on me as I tried in vain to ignore
his whispers and demands for food I had not packed.

Then it was all over and it was fine.
Before I knew it we were back on the bike and free for the day.
It was wonderful.

It really gave me somethings to think about though.
Like how I am prepared, and always have been, to figure things out
and make things work.

I learned that by watching my Mom.

Happy early Mother's day.

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