Sunday, April 07, 2013

Power Bands.

Things happen in a flash.
That is something I have always said.
One minute you are minding your own business.
The next minute you almost chop your arm off.

What happened was that I was closing my truck door, the door to the box.
And I got my arm caught right as the door was slamming down.
Right onto my wrist!!

I thought for sure that I broke my wrist, and this was a "best case scenario".
I really thought I probably had just chopped my hand off at the wrist
and any second the pain would register and I would faint at the sight of a bloody stump.

Squirting blood and bone goo.

Fortunately for me, Burger had long ago slipped some power bracelets onto my arm.
It's true! I watched him do it... kinda.
I was pretty much asleep, but I have a hazy memory....
He really had to work pretty hard at it, 
his tongue was sticking out and everything.
 Because of his hard work I still have my hand.
I truly believe this.

That tiny band of jelly plastic saved me.
It sacrificed itself for the greater good.
(My hand being the greater good in this story.)

So that evening, I was about to put a piece of steak into my mouth
and as I was raising the fork to my mouth I noticed that the yellow power bracelet was broken.
The sight of this broken bracelet almost ruined my appetite for steak.

It wasn't until the following morning that I put two and two together
and realized what must have happened.

It's a weird thing how we assign importance to certain items and how we think that 
they might be with us forever. I actually thought I might be buried 
with these bracelets on my wrist.

Who knows? I still have the red one...


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