Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Why Say It Again?

This is how it goes, no matter how many times 
I explain what I am doing Burger always 
wants me to be doing something else.

For a good example, this evening I was making dinner and he said he wanted Tuna Fish. I had already told him I was not making that for dinner. 
I had told him this many times. 
I didn't want to tell him up front what I was making because I find it is easier to feed him when I can spring the meal on him and he has as little time to react as possible. 

So we get home and go through the getting home routine of hanging up our coats and getting into our pajamas. 
I start to make our meal. 
The meal is a small piece of chicken with a lot of vegetables and maybe some noodles. 

Also there will be a glass of Apple Cider.

So as I am prepping the roasting pan, Burger comes into the kitchen and asks if his Tuna Fish is ready yet and I remind him how I already told him that we wouldn't be having that for dinner and then he looks at what I am making instead and he says:

"Oh I see! You're making me vegetables that I don't want to eat".

The thing is that he says it so mater of factly.
He is okay with what I am doing, but he is also being honest.

And here I was worrying that I didn't know what I was doing raising a child.
Shows what I know.

I love you guys.


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