Friday, April 26, 2013

The Understandable Bum.

I was looking at all the Mom's at the park today.
I was waiting for them to invite me over into their little group.
You know, to like, talk shit about the kids...
Because that is what it looked like they were doing.
No judgements or anything.
Just calling it like I saw it.

It's how it looked.
Sue me.

I was only at the park on account of I got done a little bit early.
At work I mean, not life.
And so I grabbed the Burger and we stopped at a park.
Why not right?
YOLO and all that.

Only a year ago we were always doing shit like this all the time.
But you know, the world keeps spinning...

So anyways, it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the remainder of it warming ourselves on the back of a giant turtle in the friscalating sunlight.

It's the Navajo Way.

love you guys.

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