Friday, May 17, 2013

Good Job Dad.

"Good job Dad!"
That's the name of the sitcom that will be based loosely around my life as told through the eyes of my son as a story he is telling his own son/child/children who happen(s) to be adopted/found and/or...


Maybe not exactly like that, but you can already tell that it's going to be a winner with a name like #GJD... Which is what the youth will refer to it to when they are hacking brains or whatever they do in the near, grim future.

Anyways, that's what Burger yelled to me.

What I was doing was backing the truck I drive into the warehouse just like I always do for my job only this time Burger got to watch me do this on account of he just happened to be in the area.
In the area, chilling out.
Like all the kids do in Brooklyn.

I was very excited to provide this demonstration as entertainment because I know how much he loves trucks and shit like that even though he'd probably tell you all he likes now is Batman.

And it won't be forever that he'll be impressed by his truck driving dad.
Some day he may resent his truck driving dad and that will be a sad day indeed.

"I can't go out because my fuckin' truck driving dad said I have to learn my numbers... UGH I hate living on mars!"

It's okay, I tell myself I am ready for a day when this may happen.
He will go through a period where he doesn't care about all the sacrifices I made, all the missed soccer games, school plays and trick-or-treats. Not to mention all the long hours spent in the driving simulator practicing to be the first Truck Driver on the great red planet of Mars!!!

Essentially living the dream Ray Bradbury had the courage to dream oh so long ago.

I suppose that's why it was so important that I wow him with my truck driving prowess now.

Keep him in awe for as long as possible.

I love you guys.

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