Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Intergalactic Space Cabin.

T is putting the Baby Watson to sleep.
It is quiet.
I think he is asleep.

I went and met them at the Laundo after I got home from work.
It is one of the places I sometimes meet up with my family.
Sometimes it is at Mugs.
Sometimes it is in the park.
Lately it has been in the front room.
What I do is when I walk through the door I listen for where they are. Then I start to make a noise like a loud grunt that I heard Gorillas make. And I bang around a lot. I take off my shoes real loud, and I push shit around and clomp up the stairs...


What the one thing that is always the same so far is the look on BW's face when he sees me.
It is usually a look of him searching his memory, trying to recognize me.
But I prepare him by making all that noise usually, so if I meet them at home, he recognizes me quicker.
Today, though, I met them at the laundromat and he didn't get the preparation.

So I poke my head down over the top of his stroller.
He is playing with a purple rattle shaped like a cat and his cheeks are really big with concentration on his toy.


He looks up at me really slow and his eyes get bigger and his cheeks get smaller.
His mouth opens and his jaw just drops open.
He has very long eyelashes.
When he blinks you can feel the breeze created by his eyelashes.
Then it clicks in his brain and he smiles all bashful.
This is when I snap and I start to kiss his little face and eyes and mouth.
I just grunt and sniff and nibble his face off.

Something about seeing that recognition in his eyes just kills me.
We were at the 'mat so I couldn't do what I do at home which is that
I pick him up and fly him around and then I throw him onto the bed and roll him around
and then I rub his belly and move his arms and legs around and try to tickle him and get him to giggle.

This is what I come home to.


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