Thursday, March 19, 2009

This day of days.

Today was work.
It was extra work.
Extra work for me.

That is another one of my many haikus that I have written.
I am sure there are others.
Help me find them.

I swear that today I was ready to do some vigilante type maneuvers at work.
I was preparing to take matters into my own hands.
I worked with a dude that just seemed to get every single thing wrong today.

I stood in the cold rain.
I stood in the wind.
I cut my hand and was bleeding everywhere.
I hung three framed photographs perfectly.
I lifted and moved three separate crates.
Those crates were very heavy.

And I felt like I did all of these things wearing a jacket stuffed with bricks because of my "co-worker".

There were several times that I considered ditching him.

And Henry probably would have.
Because he is a good co-worker.
And some things go unspoken between men.

I hope you are well.
I am doing alright.

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