Sunday, May 17, 2009

The fly on the wall.

What did you do this weekend?
It is not over yet dummy, so what have you done thus far?
I helped a friend move.
Then I went to an art show.

I would have rather kept moving furniture I think.
Not that there was anything wrong with the show, but I am so out of my element.
I don't know anyone.
It is really packed and loud.
You can't even get a good view of the art.

Were you there last night?
If you were, you might remember me, I was the guy that was standing near the door.
I was slowly creeping out.
Out into the night.

There was a baby though.
A brand new little baby the size of my Burger's head.
I wanted very desperately to hold the tiny little baby.
But I had the image to maintain.
The image of the guy who is not really there.

Well, I am fighting off a feeling of being a little sick.
I am going to walk to the store.
This is how I will spend the remainder of my weekend.


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