Monday, November 05, 2012

First Five Seconds.

Wake up, look outside, still the line for gas.
It feels like a movie, not a funny one either.
Lay back down and close my eyes, not my ears.


The sound of artificial wind, and a tiny snore.


Get out of the cocoon to use the facilities?
Stay where I am and ignore my bladder.
Watch the skies for rain clouds.
Imagine warm wet grass beneath my feet.
Pretend I am listening to a live jazz ensemble.
Not the radio, but France instead.
Consider green tea instead of coffee.
Despite knowing that I am going with coffee.
Don't forget to work on yourself today.


Check that gas line again: yup, still there.
Move things with my brain, in my brain.
This goes here, that goes here also.


That would be a show I might watch.
The Compartmentalizer.
Well, not me, but someone. You.
What do I do with the royalties?
Save it I guess, that is what you are supposed to do.


Decide to leave the cocoon.
Brush my teeth while I am up.
Check the windows, it looks like a good one out there.
I appreciate this clarinet solo.
I'm digging this.
It's touching on a very certain nerve in my brain.


Get up, get dressed, get Burger dressed.
Cereal, coffee, apples and coffee.
I knew it.

Go team!

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