Sunday, November 04, 2012

Let Me Ask You Something?

Today was strange and beautiful.
Cold, Sunny, Bright and Long.
I made coffee early and I walked to the store with my mug.
Just took my mug and my time getting there.
Got some onions and chicken.
Went home, filled the crockpot.
I was trying very hard not to be distracted by the smell I would come home to.
But it was harder than I thought.
I could smell it all day, it was an exciting smell.
I told Burger early on, I said:
You better be ready to smell something delicious!

We stopped off in Bushwick on our way home.
I miss it over there, but Greenpoint is nice also.
And who really gives a shit right now?
You are where you are.
But there is a bar over there that has Vegan Empanadas and NFL Ticket.
It was fun! We got our own room to watch the Packers, all to ourselves!
We screamed and pumped our fists and jumped on the tables.
(That is why you shouldn't eat anything off of those tables.)


Then we headed home.
Past our buds, and a beautiful park.
And when I opened the door to the Apartment...
I go:
HEEEYY, how does it smell?
And Burger turns to me and goes:
It DOES smell delicious! 

Small victories like that keep me going. 
It's enough to fill my tiny gas can for the next couple days.
love you guys.

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  1. laurel8:30 PM

    Reading what you write makes my head turn in cartwheels and land in a soft cloud of air with a furry puppy kiss.


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