Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Of Your Own.

A friend gave me a pomegranate.
Two of them actually, but I had to share one of them.
Because you share with friends.
The other one was straight mine.
I ate it today, entirely.

I feel pretty good about my decision.

Another thing I feel good about?
I kept Burger home from school because he was sick.
He said he wasn't, but he was.
And even though I am 99% sure it was from school that he got sick, 
I couldn't send him there.

A part of it was just that I wanted him nearby today.
I don't know why. Just cuz.
Even when he is coughing directly into my eyes.
Or describing his "spicy poops" to me in real time.

Both things that he did today, and both times I just smiled and wished for more.

We went to the pharmacy the other evening to get some tissues.
He wanted me to carry him. 
What am I going to do? Say No?
There may come a day, sooner than I may be ready for 
when I will not physically be able to lift him. 
But my logic is that as long as I keep lifting him on a daily basis
I should be able to carry him well into his teens.
Which I plan on doing.

Note to self: Aim to be physically able to carry a 100+ lb. Burger to the ends of the Earth.

Speaking of...
I was speaking with Gene the Drummer, he lives downstairs.
He melts the paint off the walls with his skills.
He also melts the paint off my brain with conversations about the future of the planet.
The ends of the Earth (full circle)
He was a victim of the flooding.
His drums are fine, don't worry.
But he was talking about the melting ice, the rising waters.
The 20 year forecast is grim Bro.

According to Gene the Drummer.
And science, also science says it's game over.

Which is exactly why I have to be able to carry that much Burger.
Just in case.
I plan on working in shifts.
One carrier, one sleeper.

Right now I am both.

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