Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Middle of the Road.

What is up you guys?
I mean, what is up with you guys?
I wonder, I don't worry...
But I wonder.

It is a very hot, still heat here in the boat.
Just try not to breathe too much and you'll be fine.
 If you feel the need to sweat, that is okay.

In the meantime.
For now.

I got a sunburn.
This, coupled with my recent seasonal allergies has me worried about the future.
Big surprise, right?

But for real, if the sun is burning a Navajo, that is bad news.
It might be there is no more ozone layer.
It might be that the sun is just targeting the Anglo part of me.
But that doesn't explain my allergies.
Those are still a mystery.

Like Bigfoot.

You know I aim for symmetry and shape, right?
I like to build a pattern.

Jim, you know that guy?
He likes patterns.
He gets it.

Oh Jim, I think of him constantly.
I was driving the truck yesterday
and I started to laugh so hard about 
a thing he said... ready?

I said that eating a bagel was the equivalent of eating a loaf of bread.
Then he says "I just ate a loaf of bagels. Should I be worried?"

I had to pull over and laugh the tears away.

A real gem that guy is.

Good night.

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